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2016 Cherry Pruning Tour The Dalles

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Join Oregon State University for the 2016 Cherry Pruning Tour. The tour will begin in English at Gary Wade and Marlis Rufener Orchard on Three Mile Road. The tour will be repeated at 1:30 in Spanish. Thanks to Wilbur-Ellis for their sponsorship of this event.

7:30 AM & 1:30 PM – Coffee and Donuts provided by
Stop 1 – Gary Wade and Marlis Rufener Orchard, 2650 Three Mile Road, The Dalles
East or West bound on I-84: Take Exit 85. Cross over the freeway and turn right on Hwy 30. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit to Brewery Grade Road. Take a slight left on 9th St and immediately turn right onto Dry Hollow Road. At the Dry Hollow Rd./3 Mile Rd. junction bear left onto 3 Mile County Road. After 1.5 miles the destination is on your left.

  • Chelan/Mazzard – Mature Steep Leader pruning. Tree renovation and renewal pruning.
  • Regina/Gisela 12 – Central Leader pruning. Trees planted in 2011.
  • Kordia/G12 – Steep leader. Renewal pruning after the 2014 freeze. Response to severe pruning and what is the next step in renovating this block?
  • Bing/K6 and K5 – Establishment of a young KGB block. What are the first steps in establishment?
  • Transitioning to mature pruning. Maintaining uniformity while encouraging precocity.

Stop 2 – John Byers Orchard, Skyline Drive. Head north for 1.5 miles on 3 Mile Rd. Take a sharp left onto Dry Hollow Rd. After 0.8 miles turn right onto Olney Road. In 1 mile the destination is on your right.

  • Chelan/Mazzard. Mature KGB pruning including whole tree renewal as an option for the KGB and UFO systems.


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