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2019 Crop Protection Guide is Available

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Dear Growers, Field Staff and Industry Professionals;

We are excited to bring you the 2019 Crop Protection Guide. Print copies of the 2019 guide are available at The online guide is available at or

The guide underwent a major re-programing effort in 2018. This effort was necessary to stabilize the web code behind the online version of the guide and will also give us the opportunity to make the guide more versatile and responsive in the years to come. You will notice that the format is somewhat different both online and in the print version.

I want to thank all the contributors for the huge effort it took to update and review content and provide input on the new format. Thank you to contributors Achour Amiri, Elizabeth Beers, Louis Nottingham, Catherine Daniels, Wendy Jones, Gary Grove, Tory Schmidt, Leonora Jones and our wonderful web designers at CSEK Creative. I also want to thank the stakeholders who met last fall to give us suggestions and provide input.

As with anything new there will be growing pains. Some things look different. Some things are different.

Please let me know if you see any corrections that need to be made in the guide. We are also looking for feedback on the format and content you feel is missing. I am looking for volunteers to review the guide and be involved in stakeholder input sessions. Now that we have a new framework in place we have the opportunity to make this resource better serve your needs!


Tianna DuPont, Regional Extension Specialist Tree Fruit, WSU Extension


Washington State University