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Agricultural Technology Day 2017 Monday July 31, 2017

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Agricultural Technology Day 2017
Monday July 31, 2017 1:00 to 6:00 PM
Ag Technology Building, IAREC, 24016 N Bunn Road, Prosser, WA
WSU CAHNRS’s Center for Precision & Automated Agricultural Systems team is hosting an Agricultural Technology Day on July 31, 2017. It will be an event geared to educate growers, agricultural industry professionals, crop consultants and researchers about the cutting edge agricultural technologies being researched by the CPAAS affiliates. Through dedicated plenary session and 30+ posters, technology displays, and demos, CPAAS team will showcase agricultural automation, robotics, and precision agriculture technologies.


Lav R Khot, PhD

Assistant Professor, Precision Agriculture

Department of Biological Systems Engineering

CPAAS/IAREC, Washington State University

Washington State University