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Cherry Fruit Fly Clean-Up Sprays

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Note by Tianna DuPont, WSU Regional Extension Specialist; Tim Smith, WSU Extension Specialist Emeritus.

Cherry fruit fly has been apparent this year. As growers finish picking some cherry blocks it is important to include an effective clean-up spray. This will be especially important in blocks where many cherries are left on the tree due to size or powdery mildew. In research trials imidacloprid (Provado, 8 oz./A) performed as well as the full rate dimethoate (64 oz./A) (Smith, 2005, 2006). Per 1,000 fruit 0 (imidacloprid) and 2 (dimethoate) larvae emerged from heavily infested cherries compared to 830 in the untreated control. In these trials acetamiprid (Assail, 8 oz./A) also provided practical control, although larvae numbers were higher (18 per 1,000 fruit). Results followed similar trends in 2008, although overall numbers were higher in all treatments.


Additional Information for pesticide recommendations based on insect phenology.

Western Cherry Fruit Fly for pest life cycle, damage and monitoring.



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Tianna DuPontTianna DuPont

Tree Fruit Extension Specialist, WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center

(509) 663-8181


Tim Smith

Tree Fruit Extension Specialist Emeritus

Washington State University