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New Paraquat User Requirements & Labeling

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All paraquat registrants must comply with the label changes mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Paraquat Human Health Mitigation Decision and amendment. In addition, users must comply with requirements on the product label they are using.

“Use” is defined as any of the following:

  • Handling, transporting or storing opened containers
  • Mixing, loading, or applying the product.
  • Servicing and cleaning equipment.
  • Handling and disposing of excess spray mix or rinsate.
  • Handling unrinsed containers.
  • Other handler tasks as defined by the Worker Protection Standard (WPS).

To learn more about how this will affect your use of paraquat and training requirements please refer to:

Certified Applicator Requirement

The new label requires “use” (see definition above) by certified applicators only. No direct supervision of unlicensed pesticide handlers will be allowed.

Safety Labeling

Pesticide labels have additional safety information that also appears in Spanish and graphics, along with supplemental warning materials including:

  • Cautionary sticker on or near the container cap.
  • Safety sticker attached to the container.
  • Counter card (issued at time of purchase).

More information about how this will affect you and about online training (English) and Spanish training workshops (Spanish flyer) visit:

Washington State University