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New Resources for Little Cherry Scouting and Sampling

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New materials and trainings are available from WSU and OSU for X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus scouting and sampling. Materials include a flier in both Engligh and Spanish with scouting and sampling information as well as a flip-booklet/ online resource which includes images and information on symptoms as well as scouting and sampling information.

Training opportunities include a webinar May 22, 2020 and small group trainings. A training video is coming soon. Contact Tianna DuPont to schedule a small group training (based on availability). Unfortunately, large field days are not possible due to Covid-19 concerns. Hard copies of the scouting flier and booklet will be distributed starting June 1 through your field staff and warehouses. To order hard copies directly contact Tianna DuPont.

For sampling information visit:


Tianna Dupont, WSU Extension (509) 293-8758

Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension (509) 439-8542

Ashley Thomson, OSU Extension (541) 296-5494

Karen Lewis, WSU Extension (509) 760-2263

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