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Crop Load Management: Back to Basics

A brief overview of your opportunities as growers to set yourself up for success in crop load management. 

Fire Blight Season – Consider Your Risk

During bloom it is critical to consider your risk for fire blight infections. Temperature and moisture conditions dictate the risk of infection. Variety, tree age,…

Breeding for a Changing Climate

Want to know how plant breeders in the Pacific Northwest are thinking about climate change and what it means for their work?

Honey Bee Management in Tree Fruit Orchards

An update on honeybee management for tree fruit orchards from Tim Lawrence, WSU Extension, and Tory Schmidt, WA Tree Fruit Research Commission.

Spring and Fall Broadleaf Herbicide Applications a Component of Integrated X-disease Management

It is critical to manage broadleaf weeds in cherry orchards to mitigate the risk of X-disease phytoplasma.

Intentional Delay of Dormant Pruning for ‘Honeycrisp’ and Other Important Biennial Cultivars (Fuji)

Consider two approaches to avoid biannual bloom in Honeycrisp.

2022 WA Tree Fruit Research Commission Grant Awards for Apple Horticulture and Postharvest

For 2022, the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission approved $303,080 to help fund four (4) new Apple Horticulture and Postharvest projects.

New Phenology-based Psylla Management Information

In order to help you choose the right approach for your orchard and better understand the development of pear psylla in your region, WSU has…

2022 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruit Available

The 2022 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruit is available. New in the 2022 guide is a section for leafhopper control in cherries. Over 60…

A Short and a Long-Term Lens on Climate

We can learn from short-term and long-term efforts to prepare the tree fruit industry for more frequent, intense, and possibly consecutive climate extremes.
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