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Tour for Next Generation Tree Fruit Alliance Aug 4

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Join us to discuss orchard systems for high quality fruit. Stop in for any portion of the tour you can. We know its crazy during the field season but take a breath for learning and networking.

Who Should Come: Young and Next Generation Growers, Managers & Field staff

Co-Sponsored by: North Central Washington Fieldmen’s Assoc, Columbia Fruit.

The 3-stop tour includes:


Del Fiegel, President of Orchard Management will show young growers Auvil Fruit Company’s Precision V Trellis Orchard System designed to optimize fruit quality. He will discuss its pluses and minuses for labor vs. pack out. We will also see new plantings including those under shade netting.

Meet at Auvil Canyon Rd. Orondo. Follow the WSU Extension signs. map


Join us to network with fellow young growers and professionals. We will have a group of visiting young growers from New York with whom to share experiences.

Daroga State Park is across highway 97 from Auvil Fruit Company Orchards. We have the picnic shelter reserved. We will have burgers and veggies on the grill for you. map


Visit Columbia Fruit’s ST8 orchard (just west of Quincy). We will see hoop trellis as well as tall spindle systems. Columbia Fruit has a number of interesting varieties including Smitten, Kanzi and Firestorm as well as Geneva rootstock trials at this site.

The orchard is located at S NW and T NW on Rd 8.  The address is 7730 Rd S NW Quincy. Please keep in mind this is not an official address but should work for GPS location.

Next Generation Tree Fruit Network: Supporting the Future Faces of Farming. We offer educational opportunities for Young and Next Generation Growers, Managers & Field staff. This new project is piloting six events in 2016 in the North Central Region as a partnership between the WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team and young growers. Please contact Tianna DuPont (509) 663-8181 with suggestions or to receive announcements.

Thank you to our advisors for the Next Generation Tree Fruit Alliance: Lindsey Morrison, Columbia Fruit; Steven Beirlink; Dillon Miller, Kasey O’Dell K&K Family Farm; Jorge Zavola, Taylor Orchard; Mark Stennes, Cascade Organics; John Gebber, Gebber Orchard; Jake Robison, Robison Orchards

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