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WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® pre-harvest events scheduled and 2020 Documents available

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It’s T minus 50-60 days before WA 38/Cosmic Crisp® harvest season begins. Color and size are coming on and there is great anticipation for a sizable crop of premium fruit. Our WA 38 team has scheduled three pre-harvest/handling educational programs for September.

Presenters include Carolina Torres, WSU Wenatchee; Ines Hanrahan, WTFRC Executive Director; Stefano Muasacchi, WSU Wenatchee; Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension; Jill Burberry, PVM (Proprietory Variety Management); and Karen Lewis, WSU Extension.

Separate registration is required to attend each event using the links listed below. 

Wed Sept 16, 3-5pm: Virtual pre-harvest field day
WA 38 Field Day will be presented live via Zoom Webinar. Agenda topics include Overview of block management, 2020 PVM Cosmic Crisp® marketing and quality standards, Harvest management and criteria for storage, Demonstration and discussion of starch scale, and Defects and Disorders. We will use the zoom chat feature to take questions from viewers in real-time. Register here.

Wed Sept 23, 3-5pm: Grower/ field staff pre-harvest Q and A web meeting
This will be a great opportunity to ask questions or share information with the team and fellow grower/field staff participants. Overview of recommended harvest criteria for commercial WA-38 Storage in 2020 will be discussed. Register here.

Wed Sept 30, 3-5pm: Packer /Shippers Q and A web meeting
This session is specifically for individuals involved in packing and shipping operations. Defects and disorders, fruit quality and an overview of recommended harvest criteria for commercial WA-38 Storage in 2020 will be covered. Register here.

2020 season information available for growers and packer-shippers

Recommended Harvest Criteria for commercial WA 38 Storage in 2020.
Match fruit quality indices and recommended storage regimes for the best outcome. Prepared by Hanrahan and Torres, the document is available here.

Marketing & Quality Standards 2020 Crop Year.
Required starch levels at harvest, starch levels at shipping, release date, grade scales, and compliance are covered in this PVM document. It is available here.

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