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WSU Tree Fruit

Bernardita Sallato C

Bernardita Sallato C

Tree Fruit Extension Specialist
Washington State University
IAREC – 24106 N Bunn Rd,
Prosser, WA 99350
(509) 439 8542

Bernardita’s program provides leadership in applied research, extension, and outreach for the PNW tree fruit industry. Her goal is improving orchard efficiency and fruit production through horticultural management practices and technology.
Main areas of interest are 1) Soils and plant nutrition; 2) Tree fruit stress management; and 3) General horticultural practices for tree fruit production.


M.Sci. Physiology and Fruit Production Area – PUC, Chile (2006)
B.Sci. Agriculture Engineer – Horticulture – PUC, Chile (2004)


My program is located at the Washington State University Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, WA.  (WSU-IAREC)


  • Yakima County Horticultural Pest and Disease Board. Board Member, June 2018 – Current
  • Yakima County Extension Office. May 2018 – Current
  • Columbia Basin Tree Fruit Club. Board member Jan 2018 – Current
  • Breeding Program Advisory Committee. Washington State University. April 2018 – Current.

Selected Projects

  • WA 38 Demonstration Trial Block. $43,614 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2018. Co-PI.
  • Reducing cold damage with cellulose nanocrystals. $50,086 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2018. Co-PI.
  • Sweet cherry breeding: identifying genetically superior selections. $150,000 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2018. Co-PI.
  • MSU sweet cherry rootstocks: pre-commercialization. $82,532 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2018. Co-PI.
  • Streamlining the Pacific Northwest sweet cherry breeding program. $150,000 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2017. Co-PI.
  • Screening for fruit powdery mildew resistance in the breeding program. $57,823 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2017 – 2018. Co-PI.
  • Maintenance and Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Breeding Program germplasm. $178,888 USD. Funded by WTFRC. 2016. Associate in Research.
  • Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizers with different mechanism in a vineyard cv. Merlot, Central Chile. For MARTINEZ Y VALDIVIESO S.A. (private). $12M CLP. 2012. Co-PI
  • Prospection of acidity and fruit quality in oranges of susceptible cultivars and its relationship with nutritional factors. For Citrus Committee. ASOEX. 2010 $16M CLP. Co-PI

Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)

  • Sallato B, C. Bonomelli, and J. Martiz. 2016. Differences in Quality Parameters and Nutrient Composition in Fukumoto Oranges with and without Creasing Symptoms. Journal of Plant Nutrition 40 (7) 954 – 963 DOI: 10.1080/01904167.2016.1184278.
  • Sallato B, R. Torres, J.P. Zóffoli and B.A Latorre. 2007. Effect of boscalid on postharvest decay of strawberry caused by “Botrytis cinerea” and “Rhizopus stolonifer”. SJAR, ISSN 1695-971X (1) 67-78.
  • Sallato B, B.A Latorre, and G. Aylwin. 2006. First report of practical resistance to QoI fungicides in Venturia inaequalis (apple scab) in Chile. PLANT DISEASE 90 (3): 375-375.

Extension Publications

  • Sallato, B. 2018. Leaf Tissue Analysis. Fruit Matters. Tree Fruit Extension Newsletter. July 10 issue.
  • Bonomelli, C. and B. Sallato. 2017. Impacto en la calidad de la fruta de factores nutricionales en huertos de naranjos Navel. Red Agricola. Marzo. (Impacts in fruit quality by Orchard Nutritional Factors in Orange trees Navel).
  • Sallato, B. 2015. El mito de las diferencias entre el método Kjeldahl y Dumas. Red Agricola. October. (The myth about the differences between Kjeldahl and Dumas Analyses).
  • Bonomelli, C and B. Sallato. 2014. Entre el déficit y el exceso de Boro (B). Red Agricola. November 66: 104 – 106. (Between the deficit and excess of Boron).
  • Sallato, B. and C. Bonomelli. 2013. Factores Nutricionales en Huertos de Naranjos Navel. Red Agricola. April, 53: 58 – 62. (Nutritional factors in Navel orange orchards).
  • Roman, S., C. Bonomelli, B. Sallato, and I. Peña. 2011. Efectos de la fertilización potásica en cerezos y regulación de la carga frutal. Revista Frutícola. (3):26-32. (Effect of potassium fertilization and crop load on cherries).

Conference Proceedings

  • Celis, V., C. Bonomelli, B. Sallato and P.M. Gil. 2015. Changes in the avocado physiology and soil chemical characteristics in response to sulfuric acid and humic acid applied in clay soil. VIII World Avocado Congress, 13 – 18 Sept. Lima, Peru.
  • Sallato Band C. Bonomelli. 2014. Effect of acid and Fe Chelates Applications to the soil in grape vineyards cv. Thompson Seedless. 29th International Horticultural Congress, 17 – 22 Aug. Brisbane, Australia.
  • Bonomelli, C.,B. Sallatoand P. Gil. 2014. Distribution of biomass components and potassium and calcium partitioning in avocados grown in different textural gradients soils. XII Congreso Nacional de la Ciencia del Suelo, p 79. 1 – 4 April. Punta Arenas, Chile.
  • Bonomelli, C., B. Sallatoand P. Artacho. 2013. Effects of different Nitrogen Fertilizers in a vineyard cv. Merlot, Central Chile.XIV Congreso Latinoamericano de Viticultura y Enología, 20 – 22 Nov. Tarija – Bolivia.
  • Bonomelli, C. and B. Sallato. 2012. Calcium content in skin and pulp of “Fukumoto” oranges under light and shade exposure in de Citric zone in Chile. 63° Congreso Agronómico, 5 – 9 Nov. Temuco, Región de La Araucanía, Chile.

Invited Speaker

  • Manejo de Suelos Sobre Caliche (Soil management over Caliche). 2018. Spanish Pesticide License Re-Certification Meeting. GS Long Inc. 7 Feb. Wenatchee, Washington. (250 participants)
  • Plant and root growth over Caliche. 2018. Crop Nutrient Management Seminar. GS Long Inc. 23 Jan. Yakima, Washington. (150 participants)
  • Soil Nutrition Management /Manejo de Nutrientes en el suelo. 2017. Washington State Tree Fruit Association’s (WSTFA) 113th Annual Meeting. 4 – 6 Dec. Kennewick, Washington. (900 participants)
  • Overview Soils and Plant Nutrition. 2017. Columbia Basin Tree Fruit Club. Pasco, Washington. (25 participants)
  • Nutrient Diagnostic in Cherry Trees. 2017. Cherry Institute Meeting. 20 Jan. Yakima. WA (250 participants)
  • Pear Fertility. 2017 North Central Washington Pear Day. 18 Jan. Wenatchee Convention Center. Wenatchee, WA. Participants (150 participants).
  • Tree Fruit Nutritional Diagnostics / Diagnostico nutricional en Frutales. 2016. Washington State Tree Fruit Association’s (WSTFA) 112th Annual Meeting. 5 – 7 Dec. Wenatchee, Washington. (500 participants)

Guest Lecture

  • Hort 421/521. 2018. Advances in nutrient management for tree fruit crops. CAHNRS-WSU.