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Bin Scuffing

Bin Scuffing External Damage shown on Gala

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This is an extreme example of bin scuffing on Gala. The damage shown is caused by fruit rotating against an unlined wooden bin wall or floor during harvest or transport. Damage appears as an equatorial band of brown skin without skin lacerations or russetting.
Possible confusion: russet, frost ring, bruising, superficial scald

Bin scuffing shown on a Red Delicious apple.

Bin scuffing damage on Red Delicious produced as described for the Gala example. IN this case, the damage appears as brown, indented hash marks on the cheek of the fruit.
Possible confusion: russett, frost ring, tractor blight, limb rub

Bin scuffing damage on Granny Smith. Damage, as shown here, is caused by the fruit scraping on the bottom of a bin while having pressure applied from fruit above. The damage appears as flattened brown marks smaller than quarter size on the calyx end of the fruit. In severe cases, the skin may be lacerated and the wound may become infected with fungi. This may also be classified as a compact bruise.
Possible confusion: limb rub, chemical burn

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