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Video Interviews

WSU Virtual Cherry Field day: Cherry Harvest Efficiency Trials

Dr. Matthew Whiting describes several years of studies on sweet cherry harvest efficiency.

Webinar recording: Co-Robotic harvest-aid platforms can aid harvesting speed

In this installment of the WSU-OSU Tree Fruit Extension seminar series, Dr. Vougioukas discusses how co-robotic harvest-aid platforms can aid harvesting speed by eliminating some of the issues faced by using fixed-zone platforms. Audience Q&A…

WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® Grower/Manager Q&A Meeting 9/23/2020

This WA 38 Q&A session, hosted by Bernardita Sallato, focused on all issues related to production, preharvest, conditions of the crop, crop load volume and yield, size and color, fruit finish, weather and smoke related…

WA 38 Cosmic Crisp® Packer/Shipper Q&A Meeting 9/30/2020

This WA 38 Q&A session, hosted by Karen Lewis, focused on storage and shipping, and anything that happens at harvest going forward. Topics included marketing and quality standards, clarifications to color definitions, starch evaluation, shape…

Síntomas de Fitoplasma X en Frutas de Hueso

X-disease in peaches, plums and nectarines causes yellow leaves, shot hole and small deformed fruit.

WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® Pre-Harvest Virtual Field Day

The WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp® Pre-Harvest Virtual Field Day covered discussion on defects and disorders, PVM guidelines and recommendation, harvest and storage criteria, using the starch chart, crop load and dry matter considerations, and…

Stemilt Bi-axis Pear Block Virtual Tour

WTFRC’s Tory Schmidt hosts this virtual tour of the Stemilt pear block that utilizes the bi-axis technique.

WSU Virtual Cherry Field day: Q&A with Dr. Whiting on Harvest Efficiency Trials

Questions and Answers on Sweet Cherry Harvest Efficiency trials with Matthew Whiting, Luke Anderson and Suzanne Bishop.

WSU Virtual Cherry Field day: Allan Brothers Inc Q&A Part 1

Introduction to Allan Brothers Inc and our host Suzanne Bishop, Director of R&D and Luke Anderson, Area Production Manager. Introduction to the Zillah Ranch and discussions about their ‘Sweetheart/Mazzard’ Y-Trellis block, including establishment, pruning and…

WSU Virtual Cherry Field day: Allan Brothers Q&A, Part 2.

Part 2: Allan Brothers Inc R&D director Suzanne Bishop and Area Production Manager, Luke Anderson, discussing vigor management for ‘Sweetheart/Mazzard’ combination, training, wood renewal, light interception, fruit quality, and more.

WSU Virtual Cherry Field day; Allan Brothers Q&A, Part 3.

Part 3: Allan Brothers Inc R&D director Suzanne Bishop and Area Production Manager, Luke Anderson, discussing cultivar/rootstock selection, stress management practices, powdery mildew management.

Manejo de Vectores de Fitoplasma X (X-disease Vector Management)

Autores Tianna DuPont, WSU Extensión; Tobin Northfield, WSU Entomologia. Videografía y producción Ricardo Naranjo, WSU Extensión. Apoyo de fondos de la Comisión de Investigación de Frutas de Árbol del estado de Washington.

Síntomas de Fitoplasma X y Little Cherry Virus

El X- fitoplasma y el Little Cherry Virus 2 causan frutos pequeños, pálidos y deformados en las cerezas. Este video muestra las síntomas en una serie de variedades.

Symptoms of Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma

X-disease phytoplasma and Little cherry virus 2 cause small, pale deformed fruit in cherries. This video shows symptoms in a number of varieties.

X-disease Vector Management

Tobin Northfield, WSU Entomology shows how to identify and trap for important leafhopper vectors of X-disease phytoplasma.

Using Irrigation Sensors – Troy Peters

WSU Biological Systems Engineering’s Troy Peters describes common types of irrigation sensors and how to use them. Part of ‘Virtual Fielday’ May 2020. Virtual Field Day hosted by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension, Troy Peters, WSU…

Cost Share Availability – Irrigation Efficiencies Virtual Field Day

Sandy Letzing, Cascadia Conservation discusses cost share availability at ‘virtual field day’ May 2020. Virtual Field Day hosted by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension, Troy Peters, WSU Biological Systems Engineering, Lee Kalcsits, WSU Horticulture. Project funders…

Irrigation Sensors with Jac LeRoux – Improving Irrigation Efficiency in Pears Virtual Field Day

Jac LeRoux, Wilbur Ellis company discusses irrigation sensors at WSU Extension ‘Virtual Field Day’ May 2020. Virtual Field Day hosted by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension, Troy Peters, WSU Biological Systems Engineering, Lee Kalcsits, WSU Horticulture….

Long Case Study Improving Irrigation Efficiency in Pears

Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension discusses with grower Brandon Long the results of a case study plot they implemented in a pear block with a history of cork. Watering using data from irrigation sensors reduced cork…

Improving Irrigation Efficiency in Pears Caudle Case Study

Pear irrigation systems can have challenges such as low pressure, run off, too much or too little water and clogging filters resulting in pears with cork or small size. Larry and Renee Caudle in Dryden…

WSU – OSU Webinar: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical Systems and Robotics for Agriculture

Decreasing availability and increasing cost of farm labor is a critical challenge faced by the agricultural industry around the world. Robotics has played a key role in reducing labor use and increasing productivity in farming….

How to build a soil pit to evaluate and improve your apple orchard

Bernardita Sallato demonstrates how to create and use soil pits to better manage, and improve the health of commercial apple orchards. Sallato is a Washington State University tree fruit extension specialist in Prosser, Washington.

Como construir una calicata para evaluar y mejorar tu huerto de manzana

Bernardita Sallato demuestra como crear y utilizar una calicata para mejorar la salud de los huertos de manzana comerciales y la administración de los mismos. Sallato es una especialista de la extensión de fruta de…

Flowering Fruit Set & Pollination

Flowering is a critical time for growers because fertilization rate has a fundamental relationship to yield and there is a short window of opportunity to set the crop for the year. The processes of pollination…

Netting for Apple Insect Management

Shade nets are becoming popular to reduce sunburn on apples, but what effect do they have on movement of insects? WSU graduate student Adrian Marshall is investigating the potential of mesh barriers to keep pests…

Roots Program Speaker Panel Question and Answer Session

More Video recording of the panel discussion with Dr. Lee Kalcsits, WSU-TFREC (Wenatchee, WA), Dr. Gennaro Fazio, USDA-ARS (Geneva, NY), and Dr. Mark Mazzola, USDA-ARS (Wenatchee, WA), as part of the program “Roots: Foundation of Your Orchard’s…

Cosmic Crisp™ WA 38 Field Days

More This video was recorded at two commercial grower field days on September 17 and 30, 2014. It provides the viewer with a look at the Cosmic Crisp™ WA 38 apple both at Washington State…

The Future of IPM in Orchard Crops

More Speaker: Dr. Vince Jones, Professor of Entomology and Director of WSU-DAS. Affiliation: Washington State University, Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, Wenatchee, WA 98801. Synopsis: Dr. Vince Jones was invited to give his unscripted opinion about the future of…

Tree Fruit Research and Extension at WSU

More This video presents an overview of the range and types of research Washington State University scientists at the Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center at Wenatchee do in support of the Washington tree fruit industry….

WSU’s Sunrise Research Orchard

More Washington State University, in collaboration with the state’s tree fruit growers, has established a state-of-the-art research orchard near Wenatchee, Wash. This short video provides a brief overview of the types of research being conducted…

Interview with Gerrit Hoogenboom, Director of AgWeatherNet

Video Summary More AgWeatherNet provides access to raw weather data from the Washington State University weather network, along with decision aids. AWN includes 159 weather stations located mostly in the irrigated regions of eastern Washington…
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