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Fruit Matters Inaugural Issue


WSU Launches New Tree Fruit Website For Growers

With the support of the WSU Tree Fruit Endowment from Washington tree fruit growers, we have created a new website designed specifically for industry personnel. Our hope is that this will be the first place…

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Managing Quarantine-Significant Postharvest Diseases in Pacific Northwest Apple and Pear Orchards

Dr. Parama Sikdar, WSU-Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center (TFREC), Wenatchee, is currently conducting research on the project “Managing Quarantine–Significant Postharvest Diseases in Pacific Northwest Apple and Pear Orchards” to control Speck rot, caused by…


Improving Fruit Production While Coping With Environmental Constraints

Dr. Shahak discussed her experience over the last 18 years of conducting research on the use of photo-selective anti-hail shade nets for their positive benefits on the production of fruit and other crops in diverse…

Read the related story in the Fruit Grower News: Project evaluates photoselective nettingor view their YouTube video for this article.

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Pruning Bartlett Pears to Optimize Fruit Quality

Dr. Stefano Musacchi provides a tutorial on pruning Bartlett pear trees to optimize fruit quality. This includes using the concept of dynamic or renewal pruning, and the techniques of girdling, notching and limb bending. He…

Beating Apple Replant Disorders

Mr. Tom Auvil (Research Horticulturist, WTFRC) presents a thorough explanation of how to beat apple replant disorders covering everything from economic assessment to cultivar choices and orchard establishment to proper horticultural management.


Cherry Training Systems (PNW 667)

Two years in the making, the revised manual for Cherry Training Systems (PNW 667) is now available on line. view now

2014 CPAAS Yearbook

The annual CPAAS yearbook reports on the implementation accomplishments towards their strategic plan objectives through high impact trans-disciplinary research and outreach conducted over the course of the past year. view now


2015 WSU Fruit School

Workshop covers current science of tree fruit physiology intended for both new and experienced industry members. Delivered in English with Spanish translation. Pre-registration required.

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