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Tree Fruit News – June 14

Bitter pit prediction methods for Honey crisp. Managing earwigs. Codling moth traps and Little Cherry Disease sampling, plus newly updated little cherry pages with printable…

Tree Fruit News May 31

All about diseases! Fire blight susceptibility in apple cultivars, Mildew control in apples and Powdery Mildew management in cherries to reduce the risk of fungicide…

Tree Fruit News – May 17

Find out how to effectively manage Codling moth and the recent trends for tree fruit organic production in WA. Make sure you mark your calendars…

Tree Fruit News – May 3

WA 38 Starch Scale for the Washington State Apple industry by Ines Hanrahan and Marcella Marcella Galeni, WTFRC. Pear Psylla Update and Soft Spray Strategies…

Tree Fruit News April 14, 2019

Tree Fruit News – April 5

How to effectively manage Codling Moth, Utilizing Dry Matter in Pears for better pricing, crop protection printed copy available and more.

Tree Fruit News – March 22

Optimizing crop load in WA 38, Phytophthora Crown, Collar and Root Rot of Apples and Cherries, Crop protection guide and the latest video on Samurai…

Tree Fruit News – March 8

Native plants for beneficial insects by David James, Honey Bee management in tree fruit, and March workshop and training opportunities.

Tree Fruit News – February 22

Cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) for cold damage in tree fruit. 2019 crop protection guide is now available. Register soon for the WSU Cherry Fruit School!. FSMA…

Tree Fruit News – February 8

Q&A with Scott Harper on Little Cherry Virus and Western X Disease. Fire blight winter management. FMSA training. WSU Cherry Fruit School registrations open.
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