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Tree Fruit News November 29, 2018


Early Season Root Management to Reduce Calcium Deficiency Disorders in Tree Fruit

A team of Washington State University researchers, led by Bernardita Sallato, have recently initiated a 3-year project funded by WSDA on root growth management to reduce calcium (Ca) deficiency disorders in apples and cherries.

Cherry Fruit School

Washington State University and Oregon State University are hosting a Sweet Cherry Fruit School: From bud to bucket on March 12-13, 2019


Pesticide look-up tool for bee protection

Want to make pesticide choices that help protect the bees in your orchard? There is a web-based decision tool to help you developed by the UC Davis IPM Program that you or your clients can use…


USDA Job Opportunity

The USDA ARS Lab in Kearneyville, WV is looking to hire a Research Plant Physiologist/Research Horticulturist. For details and to apply visit here:


WSTFA 114th Annual Meeting

Dec 3 | Yakima Convention Center

NCW Stone Fruit Day 2020

Jan 29 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Manejo de Frutales

Jan 27 | Wenatchee Convention Center

NCW Pear Day 2020

Jan 28 | Wenatchee Convention Center

NCW Apple Day 2020

Jan 27 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Cherry Institute Orchard Systems Tour

Jan 17 | Weasel Ranch, Washington Fruit and Produce Co



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