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Tree Fruit News – Sept 3


BMPs for tree removal for X disease and Little Cherry Virus infected trees

Removal of infected trees is critical to successful management of Western X and Little Cherry Virus. Be aggressive. The article contains BMPs for tree removal.

Little Cherry Disease Eligible for Tree Assistance Program

Little Cherry Disease and Fire Blight have both been identified as eligible plant diseases under the Tree Assistance Program (TAP), which is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA). This…

Apple Harvest

Knowing when to harvest apples is critical not only for planning a labor schedule, but also for making decisions about whether the fruit will be sent to fresh markets or stored.

Fall Urea Application Recommendations

Dr. Greg Lang of Michigan State University has found that late summer or autumn urea sprays increased the shoot hardiness of the cherries that he tested and produced up to 20% larger spur leaves in…


ISHS XII Orchard Systems 2020

Every 4 years the ISHS working groups of Rootstock Breeding and Evaluation (Chair: Gennaro Fazio, PhD), Orchard and Plantation Systems (Chair: Greg Lang, PhD) Environmental Physiology and Developmental Biology (Chair: Luca Corelli Grappadelli, PhD) organize…

Storage Rots Management: from Orchard to Packing

Who Should Attend: Pome fruit growers, packers, field and warehouse workers, extension specialists, industry representatives, consultants and others interested in learning about best management practices in orchards and packinghouses to reduce the impact of postharvest…


Woolly Apple Aphid

Information and recommendations for Woolly Apple Aphid were updated this month by Robert Orpet, recent WSU PhD.


Postharvest Defects & Honeycrisp Disorders Posters

Posters are now on sale at the Benton, Chelan, Grant, and Yakima County Extension offices now. Get yours today!


Next Generation Network: Fruit Breeding 101

Oct 24 | WSU Columbia View Orchard

Next Generation Network: New Technology for Efficient Harvest

Nov 13 | Chateau Faire Le Pont

Next Generation Network: Looking Ahead at Market & Economic Trends

Dec 4 | Chateau Faire Le Pont

Chelan Horticulture Day 2020

Jan 20 | Chelan High School



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