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Superficial Scald Risk Assessment Assay for Apples

Step-by-step guide to an assay to quantify risk of superficial scald development. This assay could have benefits for organic fruit—where scald-mitigating treatments and limited—and for…

New WPS Respiratory Protection Guide

The Pesticide Education Research Collaborative is happy to announce a new resource, “Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Respiratory Protection Guide: Requirements for Employers of Pesticide Handlers”,…

Survey of ‘d’Anjou’ Pear Metabolic Profile Following Harvest from Different Canopy Positions and Fruit Tissues

D. Rudell, S. Serra, N. Sullivan, J. Mattheis, S. Musacchi. 2017. HortScience 52(11):1501-1510.

Achieving sustainable cultivation of apples

Kate Evans, ed. 616 pp. 2017. Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK. ISBN-13: 9781786760326

WTFRC Apple Pesticide Residue Report

The WTFRC Internal Program recently completed their 2016 Pesticide Residue Study featuring 13 insecticide/acaricides and 7 fungicides commonly used in Washington apple orchards, including their first…

Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: Part 1 (Systems)

A vehicle is classified as an unmanned aerial system (UAS) when there is no person on board to guide controls, or decide direction or speed…

Airblast 101 – A Handbook of Best Practices in Airblast Spraying

Airblast 101 is a new handbook that describes best practices in airblast spraying in clear, conversational language. With more than 200 full-colour illustrations and 200 pages…

Crop Load Management and the Market Profitability of ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples

R. Karina Gallardo, Ines Hanrahan, Yeon A. Hong, James J. Luby. 2015. HortTechnology 25(4):575-584.

Evaluation of Multipass Mechanical Harvesting on ‘Skeena’ Sweet Cherries Trained to Y-trellis

Long He, Jianfeng Zhou, Qin Zhang, Manoj Karkee. 2015. HortScience 50(8):1178-1182.

Safeguarding Fruit Crops in the Age of Agricultural Globalization

Rose C. Gergerich, Ruth A. Welliver, Sarah Gettys, Nancy K. Osterbauer, Sophia Kamenidou, Robert R. Martin, Deborah A. Golino, Kenneth Eastwell, Marc Fuchs, Georgios Vidalakis,…
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