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Perfil de maduración de WA38 en tres sistemas de producción y dos portainjertos. Años 2020-2021

Estudio caso desarrollado en la huerta experimental del Centro de Investigación y Extensión, IAREC (por sus siglas en Inglés), Prosser, WA.

WA38 maturation profile on three production systems and two rootstock types. Years 2020-2021

Case study carried out at the WA39 demo orchard at the Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC), Prosser, WA.

ISHS Orchard Systems Symposium – Pear

Bob Gix, Rudy Prey, and Ray Schmitten are the hosts on the pear tour.

ISHS Orchard Systems Symposium – Cherry

The cherry video is a tour of several blocks with Cherry King, Kyle Mathison.

ISHS Orchard Systems Symposium – Apple

In the apple video, Suzanne Bishop, Dave Gleason, Mike VanPelt, and Dale Goldy host an orchard stop.

Soil Health in Orchards

Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension shares the results of recent work surveying soil health in Central Washington Orchards.

How Soil Health Management Practices Affect Plant Parasitic Nematodes and Root Health

Tom Forge, AgriFood Canada describes the impacts of plant parasitic nematodes on root health and potential management strategies.

Soil Organic Matter Demonstration

A video demonstration of two ways to measure active carbon in orchard soils: permanganate oxidizable carbon and particulate organic matter. Authors Tianna DuPont, Andy McGuire,…

Soil Available Water Capacity Demonstration

The available water capacity of soil is the amount of water that is held in the soil which is available for plants. This video contains…

Root Health Rating Demonstration

This video shows two methods researchers use to compare soil borne disease pressure on plant roots.
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