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Soil Organic Matter Demonstration

A video demonstration of two ways to measure active carbon in orchard soils: permanganate oxidizable carbon and particulate organic matter. Authors Tianna DuPont, Andy McGuire,…

Soil Available Water Capacity Demonstration

The available water capacity of soil is the amount of water that is held in the soil which is available for plants. This video contains…

Root Health Rating Demonstration

This video shows two methods researchers use to compare soil borne disease pressure on plant roots.

Soil Structure Demonstration: Aggregate Stability

Soil structure and its stability affect the movement and storage of water, aeration, erosion, biological activity and growth of crops. This short demonstration explains how…

Soil Structure: Water Infiltration and Compaction Demonstration

A video demonstration of measurements of soil structure in orchards including water infiltration and compaction. Authors Tianna DuPont, Andy McGuire, David Granatstein, WSU Extension.

Techniques to Maintain Adequate Plant Nutrition

Bernardita Sallato describes methods to evaluate limiting factors related to plant nutrition in orchards.

Using Organic Amendments to Improve Soil Health

David Granatstein, WSU Extension Emeritus reviews the use of  mulches, mow-and-blow, wood chips and living covers in orchards.

La importancia del análisis foliar

Para mantener un huerto saludable, Bernadita Sallato recomienda monitoreo del estado nutricional del huerto usando la herramienta del análisis foliar.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post Harvest. Part 4. Brainstorming.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post harvest session. Brainstorming session. Bernardita Sallato talks about a new problem WA growers are facing with Honeycrisp she has been investigating. Experts…

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post Harvest Part 3. Q&A

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post harvest session. Questions and Answers regarding Honeycrisp post harvest management. Include faculty experts from Cornell University, Michigan State University, Washington State University…
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