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Pear Rootstock & Systems Virtual Field Tour Webinar

Description: This is a recording of the Pear Rootstocks & Systems Virtual Field Tour which was presented as a live webinar with recorded segments on Friday, August 14, 2020. This video includes the pre-recorded pear rootstock research trial tour featuring several quince selections for both Bartlett and Anjou showing promise in Pacific Northwest conditions. The webinar also showcased a high-density commercial bi-axis Bartlett block that will be picking a significant crop this season in its 4th leaf. The webinar featured pre-recorded video demonstrations, a live presentation of research results, and live Q&A sessions with presenters and webinar attendees. Featured speakers: Tory Schmidt, WTFRC Project Manager; Stefano Musacchi, WSU Endowed Chair for Orchard Management and Production Systems; Todd Einhorn, MSU Professor of Horticulture; Bryan Mrachek, Stemilt Area Manager; Jorge Andrade, Stemilt Orchard Manager; Hannah Walters, Stemilt Research and Development. Q&A hosts: Bernardita Sallato and Karen Lewis, WSU Extension. Technical support: Wendy Jones, WSU Tree Fruit Extension (IT Support & post-production editing); TJ. Mullinax, Good Fruit Grower (videography).

Washington State University