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Automation and Mechanization

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Dr. Manoj Karkee demonstrates the robotic picking hand.
Dr. Manoj Karkee demonstrates the robotic picking hand.

The field of automation and mechanization is broad and wide reaching. While there are several narrow and specific disciplines within, it is the integration of these disciplines that results in the development and commercialization of appropriate technologies in agriculture. The Washington State University Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems (WSU-CPAAS) is located at the WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC) in Prosser, WA. The center includes faculty from Biosystems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Horticulture, Soil Sciences, Economic Sciences, and Extension. We partner with the tree fruit industry and private sector technology providers to conduct research and extension activities that result in the development and adoption of engineering solutions for the production and handling of tree fruit and tree fruit nursery stock. We are guided by the understanding that technologies must make producers money by either increased productivity that results in a lower per unit cost; or increased fruit quality that result in a higher dollar return.

Please visit the WSU-CPAAS website for current research and extension activities in the following topics:

Labor Assist Machinery
Intelligent Machinery
Agricultural Robots
Unmanned Systems
Crop and Soil Sensing
Irrigation Technology
Precision Agriculture

The 2018 CPAAS Yearbook includes a full report of CPAAS activities for the past year.

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