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WA38 Field Tour

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The annual WA38 field tour is scheduled for September 15 from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. The first stop is at WSU Sunrise Orchard for a PVM planting/crop update from Kevin Brandt and a research and management update from Stefano Musacchi. The new CAHNRS Dean, Dr. Wendy Powers will be introduced at the beginning of the tour.

Our second stop is a follow-up visit to Monument Hill Orchard. Sara Serra will present updates and results from her chemical and reflective material approach to improving fruit set in WA38. Tom Gausman will share a block update (remember last year’s crop load… ).

The third stop is at the Stemilt BMO Ranch in George. Lee Kalcsits will give updates on nutrition and crop load studies, and we will be guided by Lee and Hannah Waters through a nine-selection WA38 / GC rootstock trial established in 2017.

The fourth and final stop is just down the road at the McDougall & Sons Sweet Note Orchard. Scott McDougall and Stefano Musacchi will discuss orchard establishment and early tree training and pruning in a 4th leaf WA38 /G41 planting

Please pre-register early so we can give our sponsor Wilbur-Ellis a head count for water and snacks.

Details including stop times, map links, and a registration link can be found here.

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