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Survey to producers on Insect Mating Disruption in Specialty Crops

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From the University of Wisconsin – Madison

As a producer of fruits, nuts, and/or vegetable crops, you are invited to participate in a survey regarding your use and/or interest in pheromone mating disruption technologies for insect pest management in specialty crops.This survey is being conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in collaboration with Michigan State University, Oregon State University, University of California-Davis, Rutgers University, University of Georgia, University of Minnesota, Cornell University, and California Polytechnic State University.The purpose of the survey is to gain a better understanding of how mating disruption technologies are used by fruit, nut, and vegetable growers. We are interested in your opinions about mating disruption technologies and the factors that are most important in your decision-making around their use. This information will be used to guide research efforts aimed at improving mating disruption technologies and their availability.

If you are not the primary decision maker with regard to mating disruption technologies in your operation, we would appreciate your help in passing this survey on to the person who makes integrated pest management (IPM) decisions for your facility.The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. Please follow this link to take the survey. Thank you for your time.

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