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WSU releases enterprise budgets for sweet cherry

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Written by Karen Lewis, Program Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Extension Specialist, Tree Fruit Production. College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences,  July 10, 2022.


Karina Gallardo and Suzette Galinato of the WSU School of Economic Sciences worked with producers, packers, and allied industry to develop a series of cherry enterprise budgets in late 2021.

They released 2021 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing for ‘Coral Champagne’, ‘Chelan’, ‘Skeena’, and ‘Sweetheart’ varieties in early 2022.
The budgets include costs associated with the management of Little Cherry and X disease including testing and post-harvest thrip management.

With input prices rising and crop losses being reported, Karina and Suzette worked with industry leaders to develop budgets and breakeven return numbers for the 2022 growing season. The 2022 update focused on the key cost centers of hourly labor, propane and fuel, and fertilizer.

The 2021 budgets with the 2022 updates are available in downloadable PDF and there is interactive excel spreadsheets for both 2021 and 2022. The four budgets and interactive spreadsheets can be found here . Scroll down for cherries.



Karen Lewis
WSU Extension Regional Specialist




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