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Codling Moth Task Force

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The Codling Moth Task force established in September 2020.  The task force aims to promote training on basic biology, monitoring and management techniques; identify challenges to control; and encourage new research and extension initiatives that will move the industry forward.


Task Force Members

Formation of Team

The Codling Moth Task Force was established in September 2020, and consists of 29 members including growers, researchers, extension specialists, crop advisors and policy coordinators. The task force will be led by Dr. Christopher Adams, Professor of Entomology at Oregon State University, along with an executive committee including Dr. David Epstein (Northwest Horticultural Council), Michael Doerr (Wilbur Ellis), Dr. Elizabeth Beers (Washington State University) and Dr. Louis Nottingham (Washington State University).

Able to join the team?

Your participation is greatly needed and appreciated. Contact Betsy Beers or Chris Adams.

Additional Resources

2022 Update




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