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Tree Fruit News – Fruit Matters, May 2023


Three images: a) branch with damage b) aphid colony on leaf axil c) black and white photo of earwig in tree leaves

Woolly Apple Aphid Management in 2023

Woolly apple aphid is tricky to manage, but there are several strategies that can help.
Spring 2023 graphs of adults (top) and eggs (bottom)

Pre-bloom Pear Psylla in Integrated & Conventional Orchards, 2023

A selective spray program is working for pre-bloom pear psylla management in the Wenatchee Valley according to data from 7 pear orchard pairs in 2023.
May 3rd graph of codling moth degree days comparing 2021, 2022, and 2023

WSU Decision Aid System Update May 2023

As warm weather continues, follow updates to important pest and pathogen models on DAS.

Updates from WSDA Pesticide Management Division

Prevent Pesticide Drift As spraying season approaches WSDA is reminding pesticide applicators to ensure pesticides do not drift off target and offering tips on how to reduce the risk of drift. Read the label on…


codling moth biology and ecology video thumbnail

Codling Moth: Biology and Ecology

Successful codling moth management must begin with a a fundamental understanding codling moth history, host ranges, reproduction, and how temperature influences development. This presentation discusses critical components of biology and ecology of codling moth.
Codling moth predictive modeling video thumbnail

Codling Moth: Predictive Modeling

Insect models are a mathmetical calculation to predict the expected development (phenology) of an insect, but do not always represent exact field populations. Interpretation of models will be discussed as well as the implementation within…


WA 64 Spring Field Tour

Join Kate Evans, Stefano Musacchi and Bernardita Sallato who will introduce the new apple variety WA 64 in two field tours. Learn what we know so far about this new apple and how to grow…


Evaluation of biopesticides for the control of Erwinia amylovora in Apple and Pear

In a recent study, we evaluated non-antibiotic materials for fire blight control in 8 Washington, 3 Oregon, 3 New York and 2 Pennsylvania field experiments conducted between 2013 to 2022.


WA 64 Spring Field Tour

May 16 | WSU ROZA Orchard

WA 64 Spring Field Tour

May 24 | WSU ROZA Orchard

Fire Blight Webinar Series: Fire Blight Pruning and Sanitation

Jun 13 | Virtual


Karen Lewis
Tianna DuPont
Dani Gray
Gwen Hoheisel
Marcella Magby
Manoella Mendoza
Claire Murphy
Ricardo Lima Pinto
Jodi Rinaldi
Bernardita Sallato
Tory Schmidt
Corina Serban


Fruit Matters May 2023 was edited by Jodi Rinaldi Harms and Karen Lewis, WSU Extension

Washington State University