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New & Updated Endowments

Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Soil and Rhizosphere Science

This search is temporarily on hold. Pending the outcome of discussions with the Endowment Advisory Committee, we anticipate re-advertising this position in 2020.

TF Pathology Endowed Chair

This position will focus on effective disease management of tree fruit in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. The search process has been initiated with hopes to fill the position in 2020.

NEW–TF Entomology Endowed Chair

This position will focus on insect behavior modifying tools for IPM in conventional and organic tree fruit production programs. The position will be finalized in March with a search likely in 2020.

NEW–TF Research Endowed Chair

Funding for this position will be completed in early 2020. The Endowment Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the area of highest academic need identified by the industry to focus this position.

How Does the Tree Fruit Endowment Work?

The Tree Fruit Endowment was created to provide a dependable, perpetual source of funding. The endowment’s principal is invested, and a portion of the growth on that investment, typically 4 percent, is paid out annually to fund strategic initiatives identified in collaboration with the Tree Fruit Endowment Advisory Committee.

Contributions by Commodity

Fruit Value as of 6/30/19
Apple $22,587,385.19
Pear $2,389,922.69
Cherry $4,999,542.24
Stone Fruit $192,002.77
Total $30,168,852.89

Pie chart breakdown of contributions by commodity table: Apple - 75%; Pear - 8%; Cherry - 16.4%; Stone Fruit - 0.6%

Principal Balance of Tree Fruit Endowments

Name Value
Pathology Chair $2,126,567.58
Physiology Chair $2,171,404.91
Info and Technology Transfer $12,217,363.74
Research Orchard and Facilities $8,166,003.18
Postharvest Chair $2,121,034.02
Soil and Rhizosphere Ecology Chair $2,131,034.32
Entomology Chair $2,000,000.00
Research Chair (fully-funded goal is $2M) $168,852.89

Special Project Assessment Revenue

With projections through December of 2019

Line graph for 2012 to 2019 crop year income for the Tree Fruit Endowment Special Assessment. Link to data below chart.
View chart data.

Actual and projected income into the 2019 crop year for the $32 million WSU Tree Fruit Endowment special assessment for tree fruit research, extension activities, and facilities improvement. The inset provides a projection of the month and year collections will cease for the fruits listed.


Based upon projections provided by the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, it is anticipated that the special assessment to support the WSU Tree Fruit Endowment will be finished in December, 2019. This is a projection, and the assessment will conclude when the actual contributions reach the original $32M goal.

If you have questions about this graph or the projections reported, please contact Ines Hanrahan, (509) 665-8271.