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Tree Fruit

Tree Fruit Research and Extension

WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension develops and applies research-based information for sustainable tree fruit production in Washington and the world.

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Fire Blight Workshop Feb 23 2023 – Save the Date

Published on
Do you want to know the latest updates from the fire blight multi-state research project involving MI, NC, NY, CA, OR and WA? Mark your…

Orchard Bee Association Annual Meeting

Published on
Please join us for our annual meeting to learn about the latest mason bee research and industry news. Virtual attendance will also be made possible…

NOSB Fall 2022 Meeting Comment Period Open

Published on
Comments due September 29 for National Organic Standards Board. Critically important materials up for review this October include: Fixed coppers and copper sulfate, sticky traps…

Honeycrisp Starch Chart

Published on
The following honeycrisp starch scale was developed by the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission. Honeycrisp Starch Scale  

2022 Commercial Harvest and Storage Criteria for WA 38

Published on
Use this guide in addition to the published marketing and quality standards for the 2022 crop year. First ship date for fruit produced in the…

2022 Update: Additional WA 38 Harvest and Storage Considerations

Published on
The compound 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) has been used as a postharvest storage treatment to slow fruit ripening. The 1-MCP binds to ethylene receptors and hinders ethylene-depended…

Cost Share Funds Available to Cherry and Stone Fruit Producers through Grant for X-disease and Little Cherry Disease Tree Removal

Published on
Washington State University Extension in partnership with county Conservation Districts and Pest Boards announce the availability of cost-share funds for the removal and testing of…

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WSU Sunrise Orchard
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WA 38 Field Day- The Roza-IAREC

WSU-Prosser Roza Orchard
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Stakeholder Listening Sessions

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Stakeholder Listening Sessions

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Stakeholder Listening Sessions

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WSU Weather School Video

Meteorologic Basics by Jon Boomgard-Zagrodnik

Consumer Preferences for Pears

Carolyn Ross, Ann Colonna, and Karina Gallardo will discuss extensive research conducted last winter with over 20 pear varieties aimed at understanding which characteristics consumers in the Pacific Northwest prefer.

Understanding the carbon footprint of tree fruit

These video series correspond to an educational forum hosted by WSU Tree Fruit Extensio, Washington Soil Health Initiative (WaSHI) and the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC). We bought in global, national, and regional expertise…

2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series – Technology

This is the fourth presentation in the 2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup series, recorded on July 14, 2022. The 2022 series theme is Orchard Efficiencies: Labor and Technology. This fourth webinar focused on academic researchers with…

2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup Series – Technology panel

This is the third presentation in the 2022 Virtual Orchard Meetup series, recorded on June 30, 2022. The 2022 series theme is Orchard Efficiencies: Labor and Technology. This third webinar focused on grower experiences with…

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Recent Publications

Soil Health Indicators for Central Washington Orchards

To help growers in Central Washington orchards, Washington State University scientists demonstrated that all soil health indicators should include measurements of water availability and root health in addition to standard fertility indicators to meet stakeholder…
image shows a tractor pulling a rototiller attachment making individual tilled rows.

Field scale application of Brassica seed meal and anaerobic soil disinfestation for the control of apple replant disease.

Study published June 2021 in Applied Soil Ecology shows potential of anaerobic soil disinfestation and biorenovation with mustard meals for mitigation of replant disease.

Towards rapid detection and mapping of powdery mildew in apple orchards

Chandel, Khot, Sallato Dec 2020. Powdery mildew (PM) in apples is a critical fungal disease that adversely affects yield and fruit quality. Conventional PM identification techniques are laborious. This study evaluated the suitability of non-destructive…

Photoselective Protective Netting Improves “Honeycrisp” Fruit Quality

Sara Serra et al. Dec 2020. High temperatures, wind, and excessive sunlight can negatively impact yield and fruit quality in semi-arid apple production regions. Netting was originally designed for hail protection, but it can modify…

Sweet Cherries

L. Long, G. Lang & C. Kaiser Dec 2020. This new book provides comprehensive coverage of the history, genetic improvements, production physiology of growth and cropping, orchard establishment and management, and harvest considerations for sustainable…

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