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Tree Fruit

Tree Fruit Research and Extension

WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension develops and applies research-based information for sustainable tree fruit production in Washington and the world.

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Plan for Multiple Fire Blight Conditions, Be Agile

Published on
The last few years have built up fire blight inoculum in our orchards. Consider designing a toolbox of plans you can choose from depending on…

Prebloom Management of Pear Psylla with Particle Film

Published on
The prebloom timeframe in pears is very important for controlling pear psylla. From February to April, winterform psylla adults move back into pear orchards from…

Chemical Thinning Options for Bartlett Pears

Published on
In the face of relentlessly increasing labor costs and frequently disappointing returns, many pear growers are looking for ways to reduce their input costs and…

Tree Fruit Extension Response to COVID-19

Published on
We are here. Even though our county offices and Research and Extension Centers are closed to the public and most office work is being done…

ISHS Orchard Systems 2020 Symposium & IFTA 2020 Summer Study Tour

Published on
Due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, the ISHS XII International Symposium on Integrating Canopy, Rootstock and Environmental Physiology in Orchard Systems scheduled for July 2020 in Wenatchee…

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Differences Between State and Federal Worker Protection Standard Requirements

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Flowering Fruit Set & Pollination

Flowering is a critical time for growers because fertilization rate has a fundamental relationship to yield and there is a short window of opportunity to set the crop for the year. The processes of pollination…

Taking time when testing WA 38 (COSMIC CRISP®) maturity

Ines Hanrahan, executive director of the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, shows differences in testing apple maturity between Granny Smith and WA 38 (COSMIC CRISP®) using an iodine starch test. Learn more about the recently…

Para mejorar la calidad de fruta, utilice el análisis de suelo

El análisis de suelo es fundamental para el manejo de la nutrición del huerto. En este video, Bernardita Sallato nos muestra cómo tomar la muestra de suelo en un huerto frutal.

Netting for Apple Insect Management

Shade nets are becoming popular to reduce sunburn on apples, but what effect do they have on movement of insects? WSU graduate student Adrian Marshall is investigating the potential of mesh barriers to keep pests…

WA 38 Fruit Quality Update 2019

Dr. Ines Hanrahan, Executive Director for the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission, presents information about WA 38 fruit quality studies including recent results and future plans. This presentation was part of the 2019 Apple Day…

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Image of fruit tree row in a compost treated orchard.

Compost Use For Tree Fruit

Compost can help improve soil quality and nutrient, water, and pest regulation. High-quality soil holds water and nutrients like a sponge, slowly releasing them over time to meet tree needs. High-quality soil can also suppress…

Soil Health in Orchards

Orchard soil health, or soil quality, is the capacity of soil to support productive trees over time without negatively affecting the surrounding environment. Soil health is influenced by interacting biological, physical, and chemical properties of…
lots of thick white fluff attached to the end of a small branch and hanging down

Perceptions and outcomes of conventional vs. organic apple orchard management

Highlights: Management goals were similar for organic and conventional apple orchards; Organic orchards employed more selective pesticide programs; Conventional and organic orchards did not differ in soil quality and insect counts; Integrated practices may be…

Tree Fruit Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition in Cropping Orchards in Central Washington

Healthy trees need healthy roots to take up water and nutrients; healthy soils to provide water, nutrients, and protection from plant pathogens; sufficient water; and exemplary horticulture. When considering tree nutrition, it is essential to…

Fire blight in the plant nursery

This article discusses recommendations for preventing fire blight from arriving in your nursery, and for cleaning up the disease, should infected plants be detected there.

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