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Tree Fruit

Tree Fruit Research and Extension

WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension develops and applies research-based information for sustainable tree fruit production in Washington and the world.

Recent News

Cherry Institute 2021 On-demand Presentations Available

Published on
Co-sponsored by NW Cherry Growers and WSU Extension a combination of live webinar and on-demand videos were offered in January 21, 2021. Cherry Markets Marketing…

New Organic Courses through USDA-NOP

Published on
The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) is offering two new courses focused on 1) “Residue Sampling and Testing,” designed to provide insights for those overseeing…

New Pear Psylla Project Initiation: Precision Management using pear psylla degree-day model

Published on
Pear psylla has been a top challenge to pear growers in the PNW since it first arrived in the 1940s. Chemical insecticides have never been…

New Resources for Sprayers

Published on
The goal for all pesticide applications should be to get every drop to the crop. Calibration ensures that the appropriate product rate is applied by…

Welcome! New Extension ITT Coordinator Specialist in Post-harvest Systems

Published on
Chris Hedges has been hired to work with the WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team and the Carolina Torres post-harvest systems program. Chris is a native…

Dendrometers in the apple industry in Washington – Five Facts

Published on
Dendrometers are sensors that can be used in the apple industry to improve orchard management. This infographic presents five facts that you should know about…

Dendrómetros en la industria de la manzana en Washington – Cinco Aspectos

Published on
Los dendrómetros son sensores que pueden ser usados en la industria de la manzana para mejorar el manejo de la huerta. En esta infografía se…

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Winter Educational Opportunities

WSU Tree Fruit Extension will provide a variety of learning opportunities this fall and winter in order to continue to bring growers research-based information while maintaining your safety from Covid19. Opportunities will include webinar series,…

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2021 Apple Horticulture/Postharvest Research Review

Online webinar
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2021 Apple Crop Protection Research Review

Online webinar
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Cosmic Crisp®/ WA38 Webinar Scheduled

Online webinar
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2021 NW Pear Research Review

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Featured Videos

New technology for reducing cold damage

This is the third of a four-part video series from the sweet cherry cold hardiness webinar held on Oct 29, 2020. In this video, New technology for reducing cold damage, Brent Arnoldussen, WSU PhD candidate…

X-disease and Little Cherry Disease Introduction and Importance

A brief introduction to X-disease and Little Cherry Disease pathogens, symptoms, vectors, distribution and economic impacts by Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension at Cherry Institute 2021. Sponsored by NW Cherry Growers and WSU Extension. Videography and…

X-disease Vector Management Part 1

Tobin Northfield, WSU Entomology describes ID, trapping, and recent research for leafhopper vectors of X-disease phytoplasma. Cherry Institute 2021. Sponsored by NW Cherry Growers and WSU Extension. Videography and production Nick Dirk.

Symptoms and Biological Effects of X-disease and Little Cherry Disease on Sweet Cherry Varieties

Scott Harper, WSU Plant Pathology describes symptom progression of X-disease and Little Cherry Disease on different sweet cherry varieties.

Tree Removal for X-disease and Little Cherry Disease

General tree removal recommendations and new trial results presented by Cody Molnar, WSU ITT Extension and Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension. Cherry Institute 2021. Sponsored by NW Cherry Growers and WSU Extension. Videography and production Nick…

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Recent Publications

Towards rapid detection and mapping of powdery mildew in apple orchards

Chandel, Khot, Sallato Dec 2020. Powdery mildew (PM) in apples is a critical fungal disease that adversely affects yield and fruit quality. Conventional PM identification techniques are laborious. This study evaluated the suitability of non-destructive…

Photoselective Protective Netting Improves “Honeycrisp” Fruit Quality

Sara Serra et al. Dec 2020. High temperatures, wind, and excessive sunlight can negatively impact yield and fruit quality in semi-arid apple production regions. Netting was originally designed for hail protection, but it can modify…

Sweet Cherries

L. Long, G. Lang & C. Kaiser Dec 2020. This new book provides comprehensive coverage of the history, genetic improvements, production physiology of growth and cropping, orchard establishment and management, and harvest considerations for sustainable…

Recent Achievements and New Research Opportunities for Optimizing Macronutrient Availability, Acquisition, and Distribution for Perennial Fruit Crops

Lee Kalcsits et al. 10/2020. Here, we highlight recent advancements and identify knowledge gaps in nutrient dynamics across the soil–rhizosphere–tree continuum for fruit crops.

RosBREED: bridging the chasm between discovery and application to enable DNA-informed breeding in rosaceous crops

This review presents a synopsis of the approach, deliverables, and impacts of RosBREED, highlighting synergistic global collaborations and future needs. Enabling technologies and tools developed are described, including genome-wide scanning platforms and DNA diagnostic tests.

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