WSU Tree Fruit

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Larson4-1-03Postharvest is a complex topic encompassing orchard practices, harvest methods, quality evaluations, storage regimes, sanitation practices, food safety, pathology,  handling and packing practices, transportation, and even marketing and export concerns. WSU researchers have been active in all of these areas and are at the forefront of developing new technologies used in various aspects of postharvest. WSU researchers also work closely with researchers from both other universities, such as Oregon State University, and USDA-ARS to maximize efforts for the  PNW tree fruit industry.

In this section of our website you will find information about various aspects of postharvest related to tree fruit. We have gathered the most relevant resources and summarized the findings and provided links to the more in-depth articles or websites on each topic. A great deal of the information was drawn from the Postharvest Information Network, a legacy left by Dr. Eugene Kupferman, WSU Emeritus Professor of postharvest fruit physiology. This is a starting point, for which we will be adding additional and newly published research.