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Defects and Disorders

Note regarding the legacy Postharvest Information Network

The old Postharvest Information Network website has been retired along with the aging server that hosted the site. We realize that this is an inconvenience to many of you who relied on that source for the articles, reports, and news articles provided by Dr. Kupferman. Much of that old content is still available but will need to be requested until we have a way to easily disseminate that content online. To request articles please contact Chris Hedges, ITT Postharvest.

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Postharvest Defects & Honeycrisp Disorders Posters


Identification of Damage, Defects, Disorders, and Diseases

Proper identification of damage, defects, diseases, and disorders is the first step in solving the issue and producing quality fruit. Many issues can be difficult to identify because they look similar but may have completely different causes. To help out, we are developing tools to help you identify the problems. The first set of tools is a series of topical posters that you can order form us: Honeycrisp Defects, Postharvest Disorders, Insect Damage, Preharvest Defects, and Apple Fruit Diseases (see our sale page for information).

The next tool is an online guide to defects and disorders which will include 360° view rotators that show different manifestations of each of the major defects and disorders. The online content will show up within this section of the website as pages are added. A table of contents is listed below on this page and will be added to as content is finalized and posted.

The final tool underdevelopment is a replacement of the “Quick Identification Guide to Apple Post-harvest Defects and Disorders” card set that came out in 2005 and is now out of print. The new guide will update the old information as well as expand the content to include more defects and more examples of different varieties. There will be announcements in our Fruit Matters Newsletter when new items are available. In the meantime, if you need to see the old Defect Cards, please visit our companion site Postharvest Export.

ID Guide Table of Contents

Postharvest Disease Identification

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