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2020 Apple Residue Report

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View of an arblast sprayer as it passes down an orchard row while actively spraying; a mist is emanating from the back of the sprayer as it reaches the trees on either side of the row.Since 2011, the WTFRC has conducted studies in apple and cherry to generate pesticide residue data for commonly used insecticides and fungicides to help Washington growers make more informed choices about their spray programs.  The WTFRC Internal Program recently completed its 2020 study in apple which included 12 insecticides/acaricides and 5 fungicides applied at either 100 or 200 gal water/acre in a modern high-density ‘Gala’ orchard.  The results of that study, as well as previous reports from similar projects on apple and cherry are now available on the WTFRC homepage:

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