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2023 WA 64 Fact Sheet

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Horticultural Traits

Growth habit:

Type III bearer similar to cv Golden Delicious; medium vigor

Bloom timing:

Blooms at cv Gala timing; bloom period around 15 days

Disease/disorder sensitivity:

Moderately susceptible to mildew and sunburn; not prone to bitter pit or stem bowl cracking

Harvest timing:

Fruit matures in cv Golden Delicious season, in one or two picks, not prone to pre-harvest drop


Bicolored symmetrical fruit with pink/red blush (50-70%), colors well if exposed; yellow background, size small to medium; narrow size range with 80-85% of fruit within four classes

Postharvest Performance

Handling characteristics:

Generally high packout; not sensitive to bruising, handles well on commercial packing line; waxes to medium high gloss

Storage potential:

Nine (9) months regular atmosphere storage; 12 months-controlled atmosphere (1% carbon dioxide, 2% oxygen) with 1-MCP

Storage disorders:

Low incidence of soft scald & lenticel breakdown

Eating quality:

Balanced sweet/tart flavor, firm, crisp and juicy; maintains fruit flavor and firmness throughout storage; flesh does not brown easily, long shelf-life


Honeycrisp × Cripps Pink


WA 64 orchard trees with ripe fruit

WA 64 apples on a tray

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