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Gallery Mucor Rot

ID Gallery: Mucor Rot

Mucor Rot of Apple and Pear

Mucor rot can cause significant losses of fruit, but is generally not a major problem, when good harvest management and water sanitation practices at packing are implemented.

For more information about mucor rot and it’s management visit our page Mucor Rot Postharvest Disease.

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Photo credits to Achour Amiri and Keith van den Broek, WSU TFREC, unless otherwise noted.

yellow-green apple with large light brown area

Mucor rot (Mucor piriformis) on a Golden Delicious apple showing very soft, juicy, decayed tissue with a sharp margin. Mucor rot decay often has a sweet odor. Photo: CL Xiao, USDA-ARS.

red apple with a large brown spot with creased skin

Mucor rot on the side of a Pink Lady apple. Photo: TJ Mullinex, Good Fruit Grower.

green apple with a large damage spot with brown and a web of gray

Early mucor symptoms starting from a wound on Granny Smith. Note the white mycelium emerging.

entirely damaged apple, brown with white spots and a substantial dark spot

Advanced Mucor rot on a Fuji apple. Entire fruit is extremely soft and juicy. Notice dark sporangia on fruit surface.

half of an apple with damaged portion removed

Cross section of Mucor rot on a Fuji apple. Note juicy tissue easily separated from healthy tissue.

half of a very damaged apple, shriveled and brown with some long white fuzz

Cross section of Mucor rot on a Granny Smith apple. Note juicy-watery tissue and white sporangiophores emerging from the calyx-end.

almost entirely brown apple with a lot of long light gray fuzz

Actively growing Mucor infection on Granny Smith apple under high humidity causing the emergence of fuzzy-white sporangiophores.

brown, shriveled apple with long light gray fuzz

Advanced late-stage Mucor infection on Granny Smith.

pear with damage around the stem

Early stage infection of Mucor rot starting from a wounded area around the stem-end on d’ Anjou pear. Photo: CL Xioa, USDA-ARS.

a pear, half brown and shriveled

Advanced stage of Mucor rot originating from stem infection on a d’Anjou pear fruit; gray mycelium with dark sporangia. Photo: CL Xiao, USDA-ARS.

a very brown pear with a patch of gray fuzz

Stem-end Mucor infection carrying sporangiophores and black sporangia on Bartlett pear.

a brown pear almost entirely damaged

Advanced stage of Mucor rot on a d’Anjou pear fruit; gray mycelium with dark sporangia. Photo: CL Xiao, USDA-ARS.

close-up of dark gray fuzz on a brown fruit

Abundant fuzzy sporangiophores (mycelium) carrying black sporangia.

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