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Little Cherry Disease Taskforce


Slow the progression of Little Cherry Virus 2 and Western X in the PNW fruit industry. Deliver tolerant cultivar as alternative to Bing and Rainier.


Develop a cross-disciplinary, coordinated plan to address research, Extension, policy and funding needs to meet goal.


The task force meets annually to identify and update research, extension and policy priorities to slow the spread of Little Cherry Virus 2 and Western X in the PNW fruit industry. For recent priority documents see below.

LCD Task Force Priorities priorities last update 29 June 2022


LCD Taskforce priorities 2021 (last update July 2021)


Policy Briefs, Needs Assessments and White Papers

Members of the task force have summarized the results of needs assessments in several documents which include more details on specific research or extension needs related to X-disease and Little Cherry.



Taskforce Leader

Tobin Northfield

Steering committee

Tianna DuPont, Scott Harper, Tobin Northfield, Bernardita Sallato, Teah Smith, Hanna Walters, Dena Ybarra


Scott Harper                        WSU
Jay Pscheidt                         OSU
Per McCord                          WSU


Betsy Beers                          WSU
Tobin Northfield                 WSU
Chris Adams                         OSU
Louis Nottingham               WSU
Rodney Cooper                   USDA


Karina Gallardo                   WSU


Tianna DuPont                    WSU
Ashley Thompson              OSU
Bernardita Sallato              WSU
Karen Lewis                          WSU
Corina Serban                     WSU


Mike Bush                          WSDA
Keith Matthews                  Yakima County Pest Board
Frank Wolf                          Benton County Pest Board
Dave Epstein                        NHC


Dena Ybarra                         WTFRC, Perleberg Orchards, llc
Teah Smith                           Zirkle Fruit / WTFRC
Hannah Walters                  Stemilt Growers
Garrett Bishop                    GS Long
Dale Goldy                           Gold Crown Nurseries



Tobin Northfield
Department of Entomology
Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
1100 N. Western Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Washington State University