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Tools & Resources

This section of our Tree Fruit Website contains many helpful resources. If you know of a particular resource that is not contained here or have need of something not found here, please let us know using our “contact us” form.

Decision Support Systems

Making predictions is difficult – especially about the future. But that’s just what fruit producers wrestle with every day. In order to help growers make timely and economically sensible decisions, WSU scientists have parsed a mountain of data on weather and pests. The result? The WSU AgWeatherNet (AWN) and Decision Aid System (DAS) – two tools to help orchardists bank against the future.


We host an archive of recent tree fruit relevant publications written or coauthored by WSU researchers and extension personnel. Each publication is categorized by the crop and topic area.


We provide a short list of services available to the tree fruit industry and the public. We hope to grow this list over time. If you know of a useful service please let us know by using our “contact us” form.

Related Websites

We provide a list of tree fruit relevant resources and websites from trusted sources. We categorized them by the type of source, such as WSU, County Extension, Pest Boards, State Agencies, etc. We hope you find this useful. If you know of a useful resource or website that you would like to see included here, please use our contact us form.

Lost Apple Project

The Lost Apple Project is run by the Whitman County Historical Society and partnered with the WSU Genomics Lab. The Whitman County website has a list of contact people you can email or you can email the Genomics Lab via the email link on that webpage (envelop icon).

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