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Discovering the STEM in your apple: Genetic mapping helps orchards, environment

Never before has such vast amount of genetic information been available to tree fruit breeders. Today, Washington State University researchers know enough about the natural…

Study reveals promise for expanding hard cider industry

A new study by researchers at Washington State University shows that mechanical harvesting of cider apples can provide labor and cost savings without affecting fruit,…

Labor worries spur automation effort

Washington State University and the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission are collaborating on a project that they hope will help speed up the transition to…

WSU seeks federal approval for UAV ag research

Washington State University is waiting for federal regulations to allow research of unmanned aerial vehicles in agricultural research.

An apple a day could keep obesity away

WSU scientists have concluded that non digestible compounds in Granny Smith apples may help prevent disorders associated with obesity. The study, thought to be the…

WSU to develop national database system for crop genomic research

Washington State University has been awarded a five-year $2 million National Research Support Project grant to build and maintain a national system for sharing digital…

Grant helps WSU improve state’s most valuable crops

Scientists at Washington State University have been awarded $2.53 million to improve fruit quality and disease resistance of crops in the rosaceae family (apple, blackberry,…

Genomic research receives $1.5 million grant to advance ‘big data’

Scientists at Washington State University have received a grant from the National Science Foundation to help meet the growing needs of the data driven genomic…

New pests threaten IPM

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and Spotted Wing Drosophila pests pose new challenges for IPM pest management programs.

Fruit ripening compounds discovered

Scientists at WSU have discovered ripening compounds that show promise for making pears ripen more predictably.
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