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WSDA On-Farm Technical Assistance

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Do you rely on airblast sprayers to control pests? WSDA is offering FREE on-farm technical assistance for airblast sprayer calibration and configuration during spring 2020. Meet with skilled WSDA trainers and get customized instruction to ensure your equipment is properly calibrated. Calibrated equipment will maximize the effectiveness of each application this season and reduce off-target movement.

Off-target drift of pesticides is a concern in Washington State. People and other species can be harmed when pesticides move beyond their intended target. Airblast sprayers create high risk of off-target drift due to the large volume of water and air used. WSDA has identified a need for airblast sprayer calibration training and is offering technical assistance in Spanish and English. By volunteering to receive the FREE training you will learn:

  • Proper calibration for your make/model of airblast sprayer.
  • Configuration of blast sprayers for tree shape, size and foliage density.
  • Tools for effectively manipulating equipment in order to reduce off-target pesticide drift.

Each farm or group of farms scheduling a TA should be able to provide:

  • Five or less participants to maximize the benefit of small group learning.
  • One equipment operator, not including participants.
  • Tractor, airblast sprayer, decontaminated and in good working order, and access to water.

Do your part to reduce off-target movement of pesticides and take advantage of this personalized training. Sign up today; dates are limited. Pesticide recertification credits will be offered.

To schedule a visit or learn more, please contact:

Jaime Ramon: (509) 551-6429, or Bradley Farrar: (509) 249-6926,


Washington State University