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Tree Fruit News – August 16


Recent Research on the Use of Apogee and Early Calcium Sprays to Suppress Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp

Dan Donahue and colleagues with Cornell Coorperative Extension in in eastern New York State began studying the Honeycrisp bitter pit issue in 2016.  Their objectives were very practical, looking to identify producer practices that would…

Managing earwigs: how and why to conserve in pome fruits and suppress in stone fruits

Earwigs are omnivores capable of damaging fruits, but they can also suppress pests such as woolly apple aphid and pear psylla. So, are earwigs pests or beneficials? Ongoing research in Washington and around the world…

Delta traps with codling moth

By Kacie Athey, WSU-TFREC Entomology,, August 2019 Some of you may be seeing your Delta traps filling up with codling moth this season. Do not panic, there are about 1,200 acres of commercial releases…


4th leaf WA38 regraft with full 2-d canopy and full crop.

Apple Scion and Rootstock Contribute to Nutrient Uptake and Partitioning under Different Belowground Environments

Soil environment strongly contributes to tree growth and development, affecting nutrient and water uptake. Composite woody perennials, like apple, are a combination of two genetically different parts: a rootstock and a scion, and yet, the…


Agricultural Technology Day – Automation in Specialty Crops

WSU’s Center for Precision & Automated Agriculture Systems (CPAAS) will host Agriculture Technology Day at the WSU IAREC-Prosser Ag Tech Building from 1:30pm to 6 pm August 22. Experts from WSU, the Washington State Department…
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