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Tree Fruit News Jan 2020


Introducing the WSU Pesticide Spray Record Evaluator

At some point, many of us have heard from a grower or friend that “it’s been a really bad year” for the control of a certain insect pest or “it’s so bad we’re going to…

PNW Pear Industry Input Sought Regarding Potential Initiation of New Breeding Program

The research subcommittee of the Fresh and Processed Pear Committees (FPC/PPC) is seeking feedback from pear industry stakeholders regarding the opportunity to support a new pear scion breeding program. The proposed program would focus on…

Remove Fire Blight Cankers Now to Reduce Risk this Year

Fire blight cankers left in the orchard are the source for new infections next spring. Remove them now!

Tree Fruit Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition in Cropping Orchards in Central Washington

Healthy trees need healthy roots to take up water and nutrients; healthy soils to provide water, nutrients, and protection from plant pathogens; sufficient water; and exemplary horticulture. When considering tree nutrition, it is essential to…

County Horticultural Pest and Disease Boards in Washington State

Every county in Washington State that has commercial tree fruit operations that ship fruit to specific countries outside the United States are required to have a functioning County Horticultural Pest and Disease Board.


Fire blight in the plant nursery

This article discusses recommendations for preventing fire blight from arriving in your nursery, and for cleaning up the disease, should infected plants be detected there.


Preventative Controls for Human Foods

This 3 day course has been designed by the Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance (FSPCA) in collaboration with the FDA. It is a course recognized by FDA at present in meeting their requirements.

2020 Apple Horticulture/ Postharvest & Apple Crop Protection Research Review

The WA Tree Fruit Research Commission would like to invite everyone interested to attend this year’s Apple Horticulture / Postharvest and Apple Crop Protection Research Reviews.


Postharvest Defects, Disorders, Diseases, and Spanish Posters – on sale now!

In addition to the Postharvest Defects and Honeycrisp Disorders posters released in July 2019, we now have the Postharvest Diseases poster on sale. Also available now are the Spanish translations of the first two.


Pace International – Postharvest Fruit Physiology Technician

Pace International has a career opportunity for someone with postharvest experience at their Wapato laboratory.


Manejo de Frutales

Jan 19 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Okanogan Horticultural Society Meeting

Feb 9 | Okanogan County Agriplex



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