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Tree Fruit News June 24, 2018


Apple Sunburn 101

Even though conditions have been relatively moderate most of this spring, the long, hot days of summer are coming. It is time for apple growers to make sure they have their plans to protect their…

Sampling and Testing for Little Cherry Virus

Directions for how to sample and mail little cherry virus samples for testing.

Deraeocoris bug – Know the Good Guys in your Pear Orchard

The Deraeocoris bug (Deraeocoris brevis) or ‘derry’ is a common predator in Pacific Northwest orchards. The adult is active in spring long before most predators have emerged, meaning it has the potential to disperse to…


Okanogan Horticultural Society Annual Tour

Betsy Beers (WSU-TFREC) and Rob Curtiss (WTFRC) will detail their Codling Moth Sterile Insect Release research project and Dustin Krompetz (UAS) will demonstrate sterile insect release using a drone.

Next Generation Network – Organic Tour

Dain Craver will share organic IPM practices that work in the field. Dr. Achour Amiri will explain some ideas for control of rots and spots (pre-harvest) to prolong storage of organic fruit.


Notice of Vacancy: Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Soil and Rhizosphere Science

Washington State University Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Notice of Vacancy WSU Position #121694 vacancy link   Title: Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Soil and Rhizosphere Science 12-month, permanent, full-time, open rank, tenure-track or…
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