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All fruit export shipments must be inspected and certified to be pest-free for the quarantine pests listed for the specific destination country. Depending on your location, either USDA or USDA certified state agents perform these inspections just prior to loading shipments for transport. However, before this can happen each facility wishing to export to a specific country must be registered well in advance with USDA, the state agency and/or with a shipping agent responsible for negotiating the export agreement with the country for which you wish to ship. For example, if you wish to ship apples to China, you must be registered with Northwest Fruit Exports. Some export work plans also require special training for field staff or sorting/packing technicians. For example, in order to ship apples to Taiwan, both field  staff and packing house technicians must be trained. More information about this work plan and other related plans can be found on the Cullage Education website.

Some countries have additional treatment requirements and declarations for either specific arthropod or disease pests. For more information on the phytosanitary requirements of the country for which you would like to export, or how to become a registered exporting facility please take a look at the Agency Contacts list below or visit the USDA directory webpage.  (Accessed: 12/17).

Agency Contacts

USDA Trade/Export Specialists Departments of Agriculture for Pacific Northwest States
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