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An evaluation of U.S. peach producers’ trait prioritization: Evidence from audience surveys Published In HortScience, 49 (10), 2014, by C. Yue, R.K. Gallardo, J.J. Luby, A.L. Rihn, J.R. McFerson, V. McCracken, T. Gradziel, K. Gasic, G. L. Reighard, J. Clark, A. Iezzoni

We conducted audience surveys at three major peach producer meetings across the United States. We found that the relative importance assigned to fruit quality and tree traits by producers varied across producers’ end markets. Fresh peach producers indicated fruit flavor and size were the most important fruit quality traits, whereas processed peach producers viewed fruit size, fruit firmness, and absence of split pits as being the most important traits for a successful peach cultivar. These results have potential to ensure that peach breeding programs are consonant with fresh and processed peach producers’ needs for fruit and tree traits.

Washington State University