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Growers and scientists working hand-in-hand have led Washington to the top in terms of tree fruit sales. The annual economic impact of the tree fruit industry is around $6 billion, by far the highest of any agricultural product. The state is the largest producer of apples, pears and sweet cherries, both fresh and processed, in the U.S. Washington consistently grows more than half the apples in the country, and well over three-quarters of its pears and sweet cherries. Around one-third of Washington’s fresh fruit is exported. The Washington apple is known and respected around the globe as an icon of quality.

On this site are links to information pertinent to every aspect of tree fruit production. WSU researchers are involved at every level of the industry — literally from molecules to markets.

Announcement of Opportunity for WA 38

wa38apple-smWashington State University (WSU) is pleased to announce the official release of its new apple cultivar ‘WA 38,’ an eye-catching, large, dark red apple with a remarkably firm, crisp, and juicy texture that also stores well. The apple has outstanding eating quality, exceptional flavor, ample sweetness, and sufficient tartness to impart real character. Our feeling is that when it comes to the combination of taste, texture, and beauty, ‘WA 38′ has no equal in today’s marketplace.

At this time, the Washington State University Research Foundation (WSURF), the licensing arm of WSU and the assigned owner of ‘WA 38,’ desires to find, through an Announcement of Opportunity (AOO), an exclusive licensee to manage the commercialization of ‘WA 38,’ including the contracting of tree propagation to nurseries and others, sublicensing to growers, trademark management, royalty collection, etc. (WSU is not looking for the offeror to be involved in sales and marketing of the fruit produced by the ‘WA 38′ trees or assistance in the naming of the trademark for ‘WA 38.’ A trademark is currently under development.) WSURF encourages the submission of proposals by qualified offerors: individuals, individual companies, groups of companies, cooperatives, groups of individuals and/or companies banding together under a cooperative arrangement, etc.

Download the AOO here.

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