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Varieties – Pear

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There are more than 3,000 pear varieties grown worldwide. Of those, only ten principal varieties are grown commercially in the Pacific Northwest, accounting for 84% of the US fresh pear production. These varieties were selected based on quality traits and compatibility with our growing conditions. Pears fall into two categories based on when harvest begins: summer pears start harvest in August; and winter pears start harvest late August and well into September. Summer pears include Bartlett varieties (both golden and crimson), Starkrimson and Tosca. The rest of the European-type pears fall into the winter pear group.  The top pear varieties grown in Washington and Oregon are listed in the thumbnail gallery below arranged by their harvest group: Summer or Winter. There are also several Asian pear varieties grown in our region. We have included Asian varieties in a separate tab. Clicking on a thumbnail image will open a window with the full size image with a brief description of the variety. (The list of varieties, descriptions and images were provided mostly from

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