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Organic Certification Videos

The WSDA Organic Program is pleased to share videos about organic standards and the certification process.

Steps to Certification: Organic Certification doesn’t have to be daunting. Explore the five key steps in the organic certification process.

Preventative Practices for Crop Producers: Managing weed, insect, and disease pests on an organic farm requires addressing potential problems before they arise. Learn more about preventative practices and how they are required for organic certification.

Record Keeping: Keeping accurate records is crucial for any business. Find out what types of records are required for organic certification and how they will be evaluated during the certification process.

Filmed in Washington State and available in both English and Spanish, the video series provide viewers with a practical approach to meeting organic requirements. Find all the videos, plus additional resources, on our Interested in Organic certification page:


Brenda Book

WSDA Organic Program Manager

WSDA Organic Program

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