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Meet Our New Communications Coordinator!


My name is Jodi Harms and I am the new Communications Coordinator for the WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team. This position, funded by the Washington Tree Fruit Endowment, is part of the WSU Tree Fruit Extension Team and will contribute to the outreach efforts targeted to the Washington State tree fruit industry including producers, orchard employees and allied industry. The focus will be on Website, Newsletter, and Social Media Management with special projects for outreach, such as video and article creation, as well as copy Editing/Graphic Design supporting all WSU Tree Fruit Extension and Research.

I grew up in Washington and am returning after living in Montana for 28 years. I will be based in Wenatchee where I have family and the many recreational opportunities that I enjoy. My professional background is in graphic design, education (administration, management, and communication), and instructional design (online education). I do not have any experience with agriculture, but I do have an interest in science and the outdoors/natural world, and what I have learned from my background experiences is the great value of lifelong learning.

In my first week here, I attended Tree Fruit Days and am fascinated by what I learned from the presentations in just those couple of days. It was also interesting to hear some stories from other participants, both growers and researchers, and to start to bring together the big picture of this community and how it impacts food production globally. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve and be an active part of it, taking up the quest for the creation and maintenance of professional communication of content and information that is relevant, consistent, and easy to use as my entire focus.


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