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Online Pear IPM Insect Data

Written by Chris Strohm, Extension Assistant, WSU Wenatchee-TFREC, 5 May 2020.

Are you interested in seeing natural enemy and psylla/mite levels in WA and OR pear orchards? Scouting data for 16 WA and OR locations is available to you.

WSU Extension is scouting twelve orchards in the Wenatchee Valley to demonstrate integrated pest management in pears and ultimately provide a beneficial scorecard to assist the industry with spray decisions. An additional four orchards are being scouted by collaborator Rick Hilton at Oregon State University in Medford, OR. At each location, orchards are managed conventionally, organically, or using an integrated pest management program designed to boost natural enemy numbers. Psylla, mites, and their natural enemies are counted weekly at all locations.

Data is updated weekly at the links below:

Cashmere – Yaksum Canyon

Cashmere – Turkeyshoot Road



Medford, OR

This work is supported by a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (2019-70006-30443).


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