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by Elizabeth H. Beers and Geraldine Warner, originally published 1993

Campylomma verbasci (Meyer) (Hemiptera: Miridae)

The mullein plant bug, Campylomma verbasci, is primarily recognized as a pest of apple and its biology is discussed as a Direct Pest. However, adults and nymphs are also predaceous, feeding on many orchard pests including aphids, mites and pear psylla.

At present, losses caused by campylomma feeding on fruit outweigh the potential of this bug as a biological control agent for aphids in apple. Its usefulness in pear is also limited if the orchard is adjacent to apple blocks, but in a more isolated setting campylomma can have a major impact on pear psylla populations. In addition, this mirid appears to be tolerant to many insecticides and is one of the few predators found in heavily sprayed orchards.

Washington State University