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April 4, 2016


Six Steps to Calibrate and Optimize Airblast Sprayers

The idea behind any pesticide application is to get every drop to the crop. Spray or drift that goes into the air clearly missed the target leading not only to negative environmental and health effects,…

Getting Ready for Fire Blight Prevention

As Fire Blight season approaches make sure you have your fire blight plan in place. Most products work best when applied within the 12-24 hour window before a wetting event so a good plan is…

Trellis Engineering Analysis Project – Input Needed

The newly funded Trellis Engineering Analysis Project seeks survey input regarding trellis failures.


WA 38 Spring Field Days

Thursday April 7, 2016 

10:00 to 11:30 am   WSU ROZA Orchard

3:00 to 4:30 pm   WSU Sunrise Orchard

For growers planning to plant the eye catching, crisp and juicy (WA38) this is your opportunity to learn current horticulture recommendations.

Join us at one or both locations in order to compare the bloom.

  • See what the trees and bloom look like in spring.
  • Discover the top things we have learned from this trial.
  • Learn management recommendations including planting distance, vigor control, pruning, and managing bloom for sufficient fruit.

Coming up soon: Watch tree fruit events for opportunities to taste fruit and visit the Cosmic Crisp blocks in June and September.

Next Generation Tree Fruit – Orchard Systems Field Day  REGISTER HERE
April 28, 2016 3:00-5pm
Gores Orchard 408 Highway 150 Chelan WA

Join us for a discussion of orchard systems and establishment. Mark Gores will show us various V trellis, super spindle and multi-leader systems. Be ready to discuss pre-plant establishment, trellis types, plant in place vs finished tree, grafting projects and pluses and minuses of different systems.

Who Should Come: Young and Next Generation Growers, Managers & Field staff

We will discuss:

  • Orchard Systems
  • Pre-plant establishment
  • Tree spacing
  • Trellis systems
  • Plant in place vs finished tree
  • Grafting projects
  • +/- of different systems.
  • What makes a system work and not work for you.

Format & Registration: To facilitate discussion this field day will be limited to 35 people. Please register to save your spot and let me know if you are not able to come so we can open up your spot to other interested individuals. Rsvp to or REGISTER HERE

Washington State University