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Fruit Matters – Tree Fruit News Dec 2022


Pear psylla phenology model

The First Year of the Pear Psylla Phenology-based Management Program Exhibits IPM Success

2022 was the first year of comparing WSU’s pear psylla IPM phenology program against conventional programs in commercial pear orchards. Compared with conventional orchards, IPM phenology orchards resulted in similar levels of fruit injury, fewer…
weather station

Apple Orchard Microclimates

Find out how much weather conditions in your apple orchard differ from nearby open-field weather stations and what that means for orchard management.
Figure 2. A 10-day weather forecast and last 24 hours of observations for AWN Tier 1 mesonet tower in Pullman, WA. This tower records wind at 1.5 m (5’) and 10 m (33’), air temperature at 1.5 m (5’) and 9 m (30’) and soil temperature at 2

Ag Weathernet Station-Specific 10-day Weather Forecasting Model for Improved Grower Decision Support

Agweathernet is developing station specific 10-day weather forecasts which help improve forecast accuracy.
Orchard under netting

Updates on Evaluating Replant Strategies for X-disease Infected Orchards

OSU and WSU Faculty and Extension are evaluating removal and replant strategies for X-disease infected orchards.
Figures showing the AgWeathernet Correlation Tool for Grandview.

What if your AgWeatherNet station goes offline?

A new tool from AgWeatherNet called the Station Correlation tool is available to help you identify another weather station with the next best data if your weather station goes down.


Pruning Bartlett Pears to Optimize Fruit Quality

Dr. Stefano Musacchi provides a tutorial on pruning Bartlett pear trees to optimize fruit quality. This includes using the concept of dynamic or renewal pruning, and the techniques of girdling, notching and limb bending. He…

Assessing Cold Damage – a Demonstration

This is the last of a four-part series from the sweet cherry cold hardiness webinar held on Oct 29, 2020. In this video, Assessing cold damage, Dr. Matthew Whiting, WSU professor, demonstrates how to assess…

Importance of Sanitation for Codling Moth

This interview was conducted as part of the 2022 Codling Moth Summit. It features expert advice from Mark LePierre, a consultant and farm manager who has 30+ years of experience. Specifically, he discusses the practices…


Taking Soil Health Principles to Practice: SoilCon 2023

The Washington State Soil Health Initiative (WaSHI) announces SoilCon 2023 held on February 14th & 15th 2023.

Pear IPM Intensive

Join WSU Extension and the Pear IPM team for an intensive workshop delving deep into effective integrated pest management for pears December 14.

Fire Blight Workshops and Webinars

Join us for the latest fire blight information from a national research project involving MI, NC, NY, CA, OR and WA funded by the Specialty Crop Research Initiative.

NCW Tree Fruit Days January 17-19 in Wenatchee January 21 in Chelan, and February 7 in Omak

Join us for North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days on January 17-19, 21 and February 7. Co-sponsored by WSU Extension, Northwest Cherries, Pear Bureau Northwest, NCW Fieldmen’s Association, Chelan Future Farmers of America and the…


Fire Blight Webinar Series: Models for prediction

Dec 12 | Virtual

Pear IPM Intensive

Dec 14 | Confluence Technology Center

NCW Tree Fruit Days

Jan 16 | Wenatchee Convention Center

Apple Day – North Central Washington Tree Fruit Days

Jan 17 | Wenatchee Convention Center

2023 Technology Research Review

Dec 1 | Confluence Technology Center


Apple Rootstock Vigour and Production: Effects of Rootstock on ‘Honeycrisp’

This document presents the performance of Honeycrisp on 16 rootstocks in the 9th year of the trial, including 3 industrial standard Malling rootstocks, 4 Budagovsky rootstocks and 9 Geneva rootstocks. The trial was performed in…

New Cherry Economics Publications

This study is intended for growers and investors considering the economic and financial consequences of planting a high-density or ultra-high-density sweet cherry orchard.

Investigations of Multiple Approaches to Reduce Green Spot Incidence in ‘WA 38’ Apple

A pre-harvest apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) disorder named “green spot” (GS) was recently identified on ‘WA 38’ apples. Previous work indicated a tentative association between GS and fruit mineral imbalance, and an influence of…



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Opportunity: Tree Fruit and Grape Extension Specialist Kelowna, Oliver, Vernonv Canada

Job Opportunity Tree Fruit and Grape Extension Specialist  Temporary Full-Time Opportunity (1 year term) 2 positions available Position(s) have the opportunity to become permanent Agriculture Resource Division, Extension and Support Services Branch Ministry of Agriculture…
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